Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sculpture and Conceptual Art - Marijuana

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I love a good think.

Amy Stewart lays out the practical issues of legalizing marijuana in California as if it were conceptual art.

She's writing about Humbolt County, California, where she lives. Her essay on Garden Rant covers the topics Responsible business practices, Eco-labels, Develop standards for THC content, Own the home gardening market.

She's thinking about all the issues, and implying more- think of the graphic designers, tourism souveniers, lawyers, city, state, and federal agencies. Business outsourcing the growing to sunny third world places like Bakersfield, Ca. What happen when giants like Phillip Morris tobacco gets involved?

Stay around and read the comments too, they're worthwhile.

It doesn't matter if you like or dislike pot. I can't stand it. You'll think about all the issues involved with marijuana in a different light. That's art.

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