Friday, April 23, 2010

Sculpture and Basalt Fountains

image from NW Stone works

We're lucky here in Pacific Northwest to have beautiful natural stone. Here at the studio that means round river boulders, remnants of the Missoula Floods. A short drive away are many volcanic flows of basalt. The most beautiful basalt is columnar. It has naturally faceted sides and is stunning. That's how it looks naturally, in above photo.

While at the Home and Garden Idea Fair, I saw a well designed fountain made from three choice columns. Designed by Krista Lawrence of Eden's Gate Landscape Design. It was made by Tom Monaghan of NW Stoneworks and installed in the display garden of North Fork Landscape.

You can see a slide show of the entire process of Tom making the fountain here.

It incorporates three basalt columns, one horizontal that acts as a cradle and base for the other two. It's a distillation of our natural waterfalls and is both natural and a very abstract landscape. Perfect for the right garden at $15,000.


Paul Anater said...

Wow. Columnar basalt is just too cool. It's just money, right?

Patrick Gracewood said...

Yes, Paul. Money spent on beauty is money well spent...
I suppose you could turn the water down low and use as an outdoor wet bar and buffet /coffee table. I'd rather have it than an outdoor kitchen....