Friday, December 24, 2010

Sculpture and Christmas

Christmas is a high point in the year for working sculpture.

Think about it. The holidays involve people creating, choosing, using, decorating, appreciating and placing objects sculpture in their homes, work places and public areas.  

You might call it by other names: toys,  a christmas creche display, gifts, Christmas trees, ornaments, wrapping, presents.  You own a lot more "sculpture" than you think. It's all around you.

Philippine santo head as Mary, Porcelain Chinese doll as baby J on antique stand.

Japanese bronze rat signature chop, two of my own carvings, Pipe cleaner Fox, ivory horse...

Glass birds, Balinese carved figure, Chinese votive figure, Mexican clay cactus

Disney's Alladin, an antique wooden Door of Hope doll, and two of my own carvings

Every year all my tiny sculptures are assembled on the mantle into an unorthodox nativity scene.
Balinese bone demons, a carved ivory horse and an Eskimo walrus carving from my parents time, Chinese votive figures, Mexican wooden animals, plastic toys are all part of my library of sculpture, loved for what they are and what they evoke.

Merry Christmas to all.


Theresa Cheek said...

I love this eclectic gathering on your mantle. That pipecleaner fox is the best! Yes, I do own much more sculpture than I realized once I look through your eyes...I am not even asking about the Aladdin doll. ;)

Patrick Gracewood said...

There's room for everyone, at least once a year.
Aladdin was an estate sale find, the gayest thing I've seen since the 80's. He's wearing hot pants!

What were the Disney exec's thinking? "Our target audience is little princesses and old queens."

The rest of the year he hangs out on the shelf with Fred Flintstone.