Monday, December 13, 2010

Sculpture and Dance - LES TWINS

Mesdames et Messieurs je vous présente Les Twins

These young men are amazing dancers. What makes this routine special are all the other elements that they incorporate into it.  Watch it first for pure delight.

Then watch it again to see not just what they do, but HOW they do it.

They're playing with our awareness of technology, like the film Matrix, as they seamlessly slip into slow motion, almost moving "frame by frame".  ( It reminded me of Butoh. )

Then they speed up to fast forward, exactly in time to the music and each other. Being twins must help.  Mistakes, skipping, sound sampling, and that oldest trick in the book of dance, stillness and silence are beautifully used. Watch for how one or the other will hold a stillness. Every movement is very clear, nothing is wasted.

They're spoofing homophobia, movie fights, bro-mance. I lost count of the different threads.

For those of you who don't dance, 8 minutes of dancing with this level of energy is a very long time..


Deb said...

Sweet! What would you create out of such a fine sense rhythm and articulation?
Now, it I were younger ...

Patrick Gracewood said...

They've been dancing together since early childhood. We get to work with what we have, once we discover that we have something....

Patrick Gracewood said...

Judy Link wrote me on Facebook, said she'd posted this review to the Les Twins Facebook Fan Page. Judy wrote "I love it when someone can articulate what I'm seeing and feeling. Then I understand better what I'm seeing and feeling..."

Thank you Judy.