Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sculpture and Goats?

It always pays to take a walk around your neighborhood.

Six blocks away from the house, in the inner southeast industrial zone, with the downtown skyline in view, an entire block has gone back in time.

Way back.

We're talking Biblical times, with a herd of goats to contain the weeds.

 It's also a glimpse of the future. A Low-Tech Future brought to you by Goat Rental NW.

Formerly Produce Row, the wooden buildings burned to the ground in a spectacular fire. So it seems fitting to have goats occupying the site. Because it is so unexpected, cars pull off the busy street to gaze, parents bring small children and carrots to see the goats, people talk with strangers.

In the distance of the second photograph, in front of that turquoise building, is the sculpture of the day. The sculptor is Lee Kelly.

I've often noticed the odd turquoise building, but never appreciated how the widows become a mirror of the morning sky.

There you have it, a morning walk, a pastoral scene, and corporate patronage of the arts, all before 9 am. Indeed, this is the best of all possible worlds.

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Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

I heard about the rent a goat idea, isn't it a great? Get rid of weeds and feed the goats!

What a great picture of the reflection of the sky, too.

Thanks for sharing your morning walk.