Friday, May 13, 2011

Sculpture and the American Rhododendron Society

Thank you Paradis Express for featuring Bouquet for the City.
Bouquet for the City triptych by Patrick Gracewood ©2011 Acrylic on GFRG. Each panel 45 x 17 x 3 inches
 There was no room near the American Rhododendron Society's registration desk to set up Bouquet for the City, so I installed it in the plant sale room.

The good news is that everyone upon registering immediately walks into the plant room. The bad news is that it's hard to compete with thousands of rhododendrons in full bloom. Plant folks are focused on plants.
 I"m standing in front of 48 square feet of bas relief, people would ask me about the plants on the table.
"Do you know the parentage of Washington Centenial?"
"No, I'm the sculptor of this portrait of rhododenrons."
(I could watch the word sculptor enter their awareness, bounce once and roll off to a dark corner. A few would then actually see the art, most didn't.
Showing art in alternative venues is not for the timid.)
If you can't get their attention, join them. I bought an azalea called "Fragrant Star" some epimediums, a cimifuga and learned to say "Indumentum" without laughing.

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