Monday, May 9, 2011

Sculpture and Jaume Plensa

I love how sculptor James Plensa, dealing with the most physical of the arts and using the most advanced technology, speaks of myth, poetry and eternity.

Photo by Christopher Furlong/ Getty Images
Sculptor Jaume Plensa installed "Echo" in Madison Square Park last week. The 44 foot tall portrait head floats over the landscape like a dream apparition. The title, "Echo" evokes the myth of the Greek nymph condemned by Zeus to repeat the words of others.

Plensa when asked how he creates his work speaks of poetry instead of technology. He says Shakespeare is the best definition of sculpture, citing the "sleep no more soliloquy" from Macbeth

"You are working always with physical elements. You are always touching, touching, but you can't describe it."

Paume is famous for the Crown Fountain in Chicago. It successfully combines sculpture and photography. He says that photography captures the moment while sculpture thinks about eternity.

From The New York Times article, Momuments. The Poetry of Dreams, by Carol Kino. 5/8/2011

Photo by Benjamin Norman for the New York Times 
Photo by Benjamin Norman for the New York Times


Carlos said...

Beautiful and surreal image. I love his work.

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Mike Turner said...

Amazing photos of how it was installed, what a job that must have been..whew!