Friday, May 13, 2011

Sculpture and the Oregon Food Bank

Fellow gardeners up the street have an annual Mother's Day Plant Sale to raise money for the Oregon Food Bank. Since I'm not into propogating, I try to contribute "high end" items like this trio of zinc planters and garden stool.

In four hours and lots of plants, we raised over $300.00 for the OregonFood Bank.

 I found the planters on the curbside and planted them with Agave attenuata or Foxtail Agave.

No wicked thorns, just a very easy plant that in Oregon does just fine in shade and will actually burn if suddenly transferred outdooors.

The funny thing is that they didn't even make it to the sale table. The woman who organized the sale bought them for her front door!

 Here's a planter that I modified into a garden seat.

I'm not a big fan of zinc planters as they're not very strong.
This planter has no drainage holes.

A bad planter but it could be a fun garden seat!
Here's how I did it.

 I cut a plywood square the same dimensions as the top and pin-nailed wood to register the seat on the base.

I used two layers of closed cell foam as it doesn't absorb water. Then I used a vintage style fabric and streched and stapled it to the underside of the plywood.

It's really nice to have a small scale easily accomplished project that does exactly what you intended it to. It sold!
All for a good cause.

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