Monday, February 20, 2012

Sculpture and Paper Cuts into Metal

This it the first time I have actually seen how the paper cut translates into metal. It looks good.

We're at the fabricator, H. Hirschberger. After being laser cut, the metal screens need  the edges bent and welded. This step reinforces the structure, making it less floppy. It turns the panels in very shallow boxes.
Greg Hirschberger explains the next few steps and shows me there is a good and a not so good side to the metal. The B side has some slag on it from the cutting process.

Back at the studio, we're leaving the plastic on to protect from finger prints.

This is what I'm interested in: What does it look like backlit? 
Then it is off to the Yard Garden Patio Show!
Here they are backstage waiting to be installed on either side of the bread oven......


Theresa Cheek said...

they interpreted perfectly! They still look like paper! I can't wait to see the show pics.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Show photos coming up next, Theresa.

Carolyn Parker said...

Patrick, this is just so stunning! Good luck!