Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sculpture and Paper Cuts into Metal

 Here are the laser-cut sunflower panels installed at the 2012 Yard Garden Patio Show.
Photos by David Bales

I chose to leave the finish on the panels the natural dull sheen of the metal. My thinking was that it would be a good foil to all the dark woods and back wall of dark green cedar. We'd planned on having a spot light blasting on the back side to cast sunflower shadows onto the counter. Alas, that was not to be as wattage had already been alloted to other things. Sometimes you just roll with what is out of your controll.

After this show comes down, I'm going to apply a rust finish to the metal. That will boost the contrast of light and dark. They really do cry out for direct sunllight and strong shadows.


Sherrie Y said...

Hey, I'm diggin' how the curve of the sunflower-filled earth echoes the curve of the oven door! They look beautiful, strong backlight or no.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Sometimes serendipity is on our side, Sherrie. I'd love to say I planned it, but will accept any praise because it looks as if I did.