Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sculpture and Andrew Thomas Huang

I'm not a fan of beautiful Nihilism.
It's a genre I dislike. It's too easy to be chic and brutal, tons of style but no humor or kindness.

While watching Solipsis, a video by Andrew Thomas Huang, I found myself in two emotional modes.
One was was delighted by Huang and company's amazing use of colors, textures and environments.
The other was repelled by the narrative. (See above.)

SOLIPSIST from Andrew Huang on Vimeo.

Saw one online comment that said: "I'm way too sober to be watching this."
Your opinion?


Beatriz Cunha said...

Visually very interesting! The narrative symbolically portrays the violence, emptiness and lack of values in society today. I agree with you the style is nihilistic which in my view is increasingly common in Contemporary Art.

Deb said...

Is there such a thing as playful nihilism? It brought out the 3 year old in me - I delighted in the creation -and- the destruction!

Patrick Gracewood said...

Deb, You are right, kids are as destructive as they are creative.

It reminds me of the movie on Andy Goldsworthy. I saw it and thought it was profound. My friend took her class of middle schoolers and they thought it was a comedy and laughed at his things falling apart. Perspective is everything.