Monday, March 26, 2012

Sculpture and Still Green Thoughts

My sculpture, Still Thoughts, is growning one with nature. 
Still Thoughts by Patrick Gracewood ©2012
Still Thoughts by Patrick Gracewood ©201
This casting was a reject. The mold surface was flawed and didn't completly capture the texture of my original cedar wood carving. So I put him in a far part of the garden, on the woodland walk, under the deep shade of the sequoia sempervivens.

Moss is slowly covering the entire surface and I've come to love it, including its flaws. I've come to see him as not a so subltle lesson on chasing perfection. He's so settled there, the garden is quieter around him.

Maybe I should change the name, for this particular one, to Still Green Thoughts.


Sherrie York said...

I love that his garment looks like cloth, wood, water, and moss simultaneously. He makes me want to sit beside him and be... quiet.

Carlos said...

Wonderful, nature is a wise fellow worker!

Patrick Gracewood said...

I worked hard carving his face and hands and position.
Once I understood what the cedar log was offering me, I worked on getting OUT of the way and let its nature do the heavy lifting.

Patrick Gracewood said...

I'm her student. Always.