Friday, March 23, 2012

Sculpture and Guerrrilla Art.

Or is this Dinner Theatre?

Friday night is date night, we have dinner at Koji's. This time we were seated at the sushi bar in front of this darling paper sushi shop. I love how changes of scale in sculpture, bigger or smaller, draw you in.

Everything there but people so I thought I'd make some while we waited for our dinner.
I drew them on the paper chopstick covers. Folding them gave a base to stand up behind the counter.
David had dealt with grumpy staff at work all day. That inspired me to draw a giant unhappy fish as one of the chefs behind the counter. Unlike that sushi chef, it doesn't take much to make me happy. This sillyness got David laughing too.
 The fun part was doing this quietly, only the waitress noticed and said "No servers?"
  I'll add them next visit.
Here's an unedited stealth video that shows how tiny the shop really is.


Beatriz Cunha said...

Cute little paper shop.
What a nice sense of humor you have.
I've enjoyed this post very much.

Sherrie Y said...


Theresa Cheek said...

very funny Patrick! I love them all.

David Bales Design said...

You should have been using chopsticks. ;)