Monday, August 27, 2012

Sculpture and Architectural Restoration

Restoration sculpture is detective work, always looking for clues.
Instead of motives, I'm looking for forms, what did it originally like?
This light post capital has a Northwest theme., large pine cones with needles forming a swag.
The cast concrete that has worn down over time, exposing more and more aggregate. Other areas have been chipped and broken.

It would be pretty clear if I had the actual capital in front of me. Wouldn't that be nice?
Instead, working from photographs, I must not only interpret the object but also the image.
Thank god the photos are decent. Sometimes, I never know and must make an educated guess....

Does that black indicate a recess or is it because of form or mold, lichen, moss?
Is that highlight, that bright spot, the original plane? Or a break or bird poop?

  Restoration begins today.

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Sherrie York said...

Ooph. Yeah. Working from photos that you didn't take yourself is always a challenge, even for "flat" work. I can't imagine trying to sort out something sculptural. I guess that's why you're the sculptor and I'm the linoleum hack! ;-)