Monday, August 13, 2012

Sculpture and Proposals

 Sometimes an orientation meeting can be very Disorienting.
........As in realizing that my proposed sculpture won't work with the site.
All of the site orientation talk was of trees and nature, community and history,
the site felt more like this photo.

Yes, there are trees, but there's also a major highway, full of cars going fast.
Then there will be trolley trains, a narrow planting buffer, then a bike and pedestrian "trail".
Trail implies a walk in the woods. Think freeway for bikes and fast, able bodied walkers.

I'd proposed a tall, vertical carving. There's no vista in this section. No one is going to be looking up if it feels like that would endanger your life.

This site needs anchoring and a feeling of safety, a place to pause by stepping out of all the traffic.

Time for plan B.

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