Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sculpture and Writing

Winter by Patrick Gracewood ©2012
Here's what I wrote for this public art project. The art will be along a bike and walking trail. They wanted the cover letter to address my professional background and ideas:

Wild birds, both large and small, love the 360 degree view from a good perch at the top of a dead tree. They watch us as we see them. My proposal is to carve a figurative sculpture that becomes a living totem pole with the arrival of birds. The art becomes a metaphor of the daily interaction of people and nature along the Trolley Trail.

The nature of wood is an important aspect of my carvings, I emphasize the grain, textures and tool marks left from carving. The trunk often becomes an integrated pedestal in many of my wood sculptures. The figure grows out of the raw wood as if to say we are part of nature,  For this project, this approach would also serve the practical purpose of elevating the art out of easy reach of vandalism.

I’ve been a professional sculptor for over 30 years and have worked in wood even longer. Creating sculpture, everything from film sets to  historic architectural ornament, has given me a wide range of skills and an understanding of what makes sculpture effective in a public setting.

I collect wood carvings from many cultures, these inform my own sculpture with their meaning and craft. The images submitted show both my finished work and several study maquettes for larger work. It would be wonderful to share my love and knowledge of wood carving with the public with a sculpture designed and created for the Trolley Trail .

Winter by Patrick Gracewood ©2012. He's an old man with a lantern and a raven.
It was so nice to be able to just write it down, revise twice, and be done with the application.

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