Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sculpture and Bird Baths

It never hurts to stop and look, because one man's trash is another man's treasure.

This elaborate bird bath was on the curb. Free to the first person who could actually see it.
It's big and fancy enough for baptizing babies!
I thought it was resin until I got close enough to see the sparkle.
 It's not resin. It's carved marble. It's the real deal.

 Four dolphins with acanthus on their heads above a palmate design.
 The base has lion feet, acanthus and scroll and volutes. Not sure what the central pattern is.
The top of the column has acorns and acanthus.
The bowl has four cherubs above fruit swags.

The sculpture needs cleaning and some minor repair, 
but dont you think it will look much better in the garden than it did on the street?


willowstudio said...

TOTAL BIG SCORE! Patrick, that thing is gorgeous.
(Hope you didn't hurt your back moving it...)

Patrick Gracewood said...

Janet, We were on our way to lunch when I said to D, "PULL OVER!" He drove his car back to the studio to get my van. Moving it was easy with two people, tho I would have done it by myself to get it!
Next step, is cleaning it. I've ordered a conservation safe marble cleaner. Another learning experience.