Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sculpture and Faux Finishes 4

Even when you know what you're doing,  you still can ask "What am I doing?"
......................and listen for new answers.

Listening means walking the length of the studio away from your art and looking. And looking again.

The problem was the flame mandalas weren't differentiating enough from the background.
Or each other. With three colors and one metallic, I can't get any darker or any lighter.
How to make the image pop?

Sitting and looking is when crossover information happens.
With my paper cuts, I'm constantly reversing figure and ground,  paying constant attention to negative space. With these panels, I was coloring an object-(the dreaded automatic pilot).
Exploring and reversing their figure and ground relationships became the solution.

Immediately they started to have their own personality. One female, and the other male.