Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sculpture and Portland Performing Arts Video

Spent a satisfying day working with Eric Nordstrom of Portland Performing Arts Video.
Eric Nordstrom filming my carving Annunciation Cycles.
"Wait," you say. "Sculpture is NOT a performing art!"

Au contraire. With moving the camera, moving the lights, and moving the carvings- 
it IS a performing art. In fact, it's damn near puppetry.

Having Eric's ideas, video skills, and support helped me relax and talk about my art. Video is a much more dynamic way to experience the dimensionality of sculpture. I saw my work in a new light...
no pun intended.

We're documenting the creation of "to Grandmother's House", my public art commission for the Portland Milwaukie Light Rail.


Susan Gallacher-Turner and Mike Turner said...

I'm hoping you're going to post a YouTube video of this, Patrick!

Patrick Gracewood said...

Susan, Eric Nordstrom did a wonderful video! I've just seen the rough cut and will post as soon as it is finished.

Deb said...

You are a brave soul, Patrick.
I would not choose to document my process.
It is sloppy, meandering , full of dead
ends and pagan sacrifices -o.k., and occasional exaggeration, none the less,
the final product is spiff. In my case, the process is not.

Patrick Gracewood said...

That sound very familiar, Deb, including the pagan sacrifices.

I'm not afraid of looking dumb,(afraid of looking bad, yes) dumb no.

What terrifies me is the hall of mirrors that documentation can become- I have to MAKE the art and be outside of the process, editing at the same time as creation? That's why it was so great to have someone else, Eric, seeing and editing. Whew.