Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sculpture and Christmas

 If you asked them if they had a sculpture collection, most folks would say "No."
But if you ask them if they have Christmas ornaments, most will say "Yes."

Ask them why they love the ornaments and you'll soon be having a discussion about sculpture.
Here are some of the ornaments sculpture on our tree.

 The carved articulated Christmas angel goes at the top of the tree.
Wood, carving, craft, tradition...

 The cold business man....and the library lion from the same series.
Scale, humor, allusions

 a delicate glass whale with spout from a trip to Provincetown brings back memories.
craft, traditions, scale and contrasts
 This new addition was our 10 year old's contribution. On her own, she had an idea, searched out all the necessary materials of glue, string, scissors, paper and made her own angel for the top of the tree. I'm so proud of her. Creativity is its own gift that keeps on giving.

Each year I assemble a creche scene of sculpture I've collected or made.
 Sculptures of old women and goddesses surround the Marys.
Small sculptures of animals make up both the manger and much of the procession.

Who is this dude?
A naked warrior being prepped for his role as a wise man.

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