Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sculpture and 2014 Yard Garden and Patio Show

I spoke with garden designer Linda Meyer months ago about new art for her Yard Garden and Patio  garden. How would my paper cut, the little tree, look as a 40 inch square steel panel?

It's been a an expensive learning curve.

The sunflower panel was pretty straight forward. But on this project, because of the scale and the detail involved the laser factory used nitrogen instead of oxygen. That doubled the price. An oxygen cut would have melted the metal. And instead of a shiny surface, there is this dull nickle coloring that has no contrast. No time for powder coating. Get the spray paint......
 Once there is a decent contrast, I'm pleased with how it looks.
 In fact, I love it. It's like an illustration for a dream or fairy tale.

With many different people working on a big display garden, there are things you can't predict.
The circle on the left is centered on the entrance to the women's bathroom. Not an ideal focal point. But it has better contrast of light with the dark panel than the panel on the right that looks into the neighboring garden.

A three day garden show takes months of work!

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