Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sculpture and Flowers

Carving took a back seat when I was asked to make two more bouquets for Ivy School graduation.
I said "Yes" and then realized the peonies were shot and the garden was in recovery mode.

The teacher told me that graduation was Tuesday afternoon, but called Monday at 10:30 to tell me
that she'd made a mistake. Graduation was in two and hours!
That's when I made the decision to stay calm and repeat "Done is better than Perfect."

The alstro was tired, the delphinium were shattering, but flowers for a grade school graduation are like funeral flowers. Full bloom is better than buds as they only have to look good for a short while.
Make a good impression, then everyone leaves the room....

Done and delivered an hour before the ceremony... Now can I get back to carving?

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