Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sculpture and School

Art Week at the Ivy School."Yes, I'll do an hour on sculpture."
What can I do that will keep the attention of 5th graders?

Hmmm, Let's bring the mannequin heads and the BOX OF GLASS EYES!

My first professional sculpting work was for a high end mannequin manufacturer in Los Angeles.
I went from creating one life sized sculpture a semester to one figure every two weeks.
And got PAID for the pleasure....

A few of the plasticine heads have been in the studio ever since.
You never know when they might be useful.

The industry was changing over from hand made glass eyes imported from Germany to much cheaper cast resin eyes. The level of craftsmanship of the German eyes was enchanting, fine red threads for the veins. They look grotesque on their own, but have an incredible realism once you install them in a mannequin.

And yes, the box of eyes was a hit with the 11 year olds.

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