Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sculpture and Sun Signs

Design fails make you evaluate what you are doing.
Working harder won't fix it. Asking WHY it isn't working is the direction out.  

I'm adapting a client's designs for two metal panels for screening in her garden.
Everything was going smoothly until the last element was changed from a bird to the sun.

The first attempts were too chaotic, later efforts created an unintentional swastika feeling. Not good.

 This was a design based on an eclipse.

Paper cuts are unique in that you don't really know what they look like until you're done.
You stand back and evaluate the results. This attempt combined the worst: chaotic and swastika.

After 7 different paper cuts, I gave up trying for a swirling spiral, and went back to circles.From there the final result was only three paper cuts away.
Can't show you the entire panel, but am very glad to have this on as a keeper.
It has a nice turning movement, and reads as both sun and flower.
Best of all, it reverses the black on white relationships in the rest of the panel to read as white on black.

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