Saturday, May 23, 2009

Patrick Gracewood on Studio Five Interview

I was recently interviewed by artist and writer Alyice Edrich on her blog Coming Home for her series Studio Five- Interviews with Artists.
Click HERE to see the article.

I said an immediate yes to Alyice's interview request because I realized I need to practice thinking about and writing about my art. While you may enjoy reading the article about me, Wouldn't you like to read an article about you and your art?

Nobody knocking on your door wanting to know more about you and your art? You can contact Alyice if you'd like to submit to her Studio Five Artist's Interviews. Or take the initiative yourself and interview another artist and write it up. It's a good way to practice your answers and be pro-active for your art.

Alyice's questions begin with artistic origins: when did you begin and how long ago, but then they get more thoughtful asking "What is it about art that gives your life purpose?" and "If you could tell other artists one thing, what would it be?" What questions you would ask or like to be asked?

How do you get to be famous? "Practice, Baby. Practice."


Susan GT said...

Nice interview!

Alyice said...

Thanks for the plug! I could always use more interviewees and welcome working artists. :)

And, coming to your blog, I was so fascinated by all your LARGE scale projects. Simply amazing!