Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sculpture and the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation

I made this wooden green dance angel for Dance Art Group Benefit Dance Concert. Someone will want a little moveable guardian angel to help oversee their jumps and balances. I caved the initials SFoDi (Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation) cut the eyes, nose and mouth and added the wings and paint on an artist's mannikin and mounted it on a walnut base. From plain to a specific present.

The 15th annual Dance Art Group Benefit Dance Concert will be held on May 23, 2009 at the Annex Theatre, Seattle, featuring some of the Northwest’s most exciting and innovative dance artists and special guests.

All proceeds from the DAG Benefit Dance Concert go toward producing the 16th annual Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation (August 2-August 9, 2009), six days of dance classes taught by internationally renowned dance artists, public performances, and improvisation “jams.” This is a world-class, internationally recognized festival that needs your support! Any donation is greatly appreciated.


Titania said...

I am always enchanted when I see 'handmade'.Carving or sculpture is such a gift. Your green guardian angel is very individual and I think everybody could use one!
Yes, it is important to be happy, summer is for warmth and happiness wherever.

Deviant Deziner said...

Hi Patrick,
I love this little piece a lot !

I have the same wooden model that sits ontop of my computer. I pasted the face from a photograph of my beau on the model and contort him into unnatural poses. Sort of the artist's form of a Voodoo doll .
It's hilarious.
Ah, I guess I am just easily amused.
But you gotta see "dancing ballerina" with my friends face pasted on the model - soooo funny.