Sunday, December 27, 2009

the holidays

You've probably noticed there's no Shadows On Stone post for Sculpture and the Holidays

There's lots of sculpture, the worst is those plastic inflatables. I just try to get through the season alive, then I can think about aesthetics.

I feel about the Holidays the way Wally Shawn feels about Broadway musicals:

"I don't see that many plays, and for me, musicals are rarely pleasing. I feel the actors are being put through a kind of nightmarish labor. They're like animals being forced to pull heavy carts of vegetables at incredible speeds."

So true, no?


Deb said...

When we take down the tree at the end of the holiday, I feel like I'm packing each childhood issue into tissue paper so that I can re-visit it for years to come!

Patrick Gracewood said...

Deb, that's another beautiful image and a great way to think about the holidays.

Beautiful, fragile - easily reduced to glass shards- but important parts of our lives that need care and revisiting from time to time. ONCE a year is often enough....