Monday, December 28, 2009

Sculpture and Water / Designing for Water & Designing with Water

photos from pruned


Can a sculpture also be environmentally functional?

Waterpleinen is a project designed by Florian Boer and Marco Vermeulen for the city of Rotterdam to reconfigure storm water. Instead of channeling water underground in expensive to build (and easy to overflow sewers) they've designed an urban landscape that changes it's function according to the weather.

The article on Pruned says "instead of being buried in concrete, excised from the daily life of the city and only experienced by municipal workers, urban hydrology is visibly, even prominently, incorporated into the surface fabric of the city. Programmed with recreational opportunities when its dry and even while inundated, its infrastructure provides active public spaces for the local area, not dark playgrounds for a handful of urban explorers. It even becomes an event, its frolicking rivulets and interior lakes staged for the young and old."

Too cool.

See the entire article here.

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Carlos said...

Sometimes the answers are so easy, at the end it's the same that nature does.