Friday, December 4, 2009

Sculpture and Volcanic Stone Relief

I found these wonderful carved volcanic stepping stones at Bamboo Craftsman. The rocks measure 22 x 28 inches by about 4 inches thick and have a carved low relief floral pattern on one surface. The price is $159.00.

Instead of using them as as stepping stones, they'd look great mounted vertically on a pedestal. In the garden the impact of rough hand hewn shape of black stone rectangle would read at any distance. Up close you'd discover the delicate flower patterns. The whole thing, stone, steel mount, masonry blocks and stucco coat would cost less than $250 for materials!

(I need to factor in the cost of the idea and labor.)

Bamboo Craftsman It is a design studio, garden and nursery They create and install bamboo fences and custom structures. You can see mature sized plantings of both running and clumping bamboos. Well worth a visit.

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