Friday, December 11, 2009

Sculpture - Placement and Context 2

This sweet granite figure was lost in the garden at ground level.
It's too small to hold its own when even the forget me nots are larger. She deserved better.

I also needed to design a barrier so the hose wouldn't decapitate all the plants when I turned off the path and went hard left.
Here's the result.

The 13 inch high cinder block pedestal stops the hose and is hidden by the carex plantings.
The dark scrap lumber house both frames and protects the pale granite figure.
Somehow my round rock collection wound up there.
She's selling them.....

There's a narrative going on that invites the visitor in. It's funny and functional on several levels. The context is human/house/ at home in the garden and shows her off far better than before. She makes me smile when I pass by.

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