Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sculpture and Cars #2

It really doesn't pay to go against your gut instincts.

I HATE tatoos and piercings and low brow art. The gear shift design company wanted skulls, piercings, frankensteins and devils. You know the art, flaming eyeballs. I tried it as a test of my skills. How fast could I make something disgusting?

My starting concept was a burned out, meth-addled old biker devil. An old goat. The final thing was using a dress maker pin to stand in for a pierced tongue.

I was 90 minutes into creating this head for a gear shift when I realized it wasn't going to be worth finishing. I needed to spend less than half an hour on the art to make any profit at all. 

Now my problem is that there's something alive about his eyes. I can't just dump him back in the smushed clay bin. Can I close his mouth and change him from old biker dude to an even older Pan?
Change from cars, which have never held my interest, to the garden, which fascinates me. He might work as a finial hidden along the path. .......  I'll post new photos once I've overhauled him...

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Theresa Cheek said...

Glad the "Pan" version won out! I love it!