Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sculpture and Working Artists

Years ago when I had money from sculpting for the movies, I asked a friend if I should invest in the stock market. She asked if I could afford a high risk investment.

"You mean the high risk investment of life as an artist?" 
"Pay your bills and save your money!" was her response.

There's lots of talk about following your bliss, living passionately, but much less talk about what happens when you become a working artist. What happens in the working artist's happily ever after land?

With a boring day job, you do what you do and then go home and do something else. When you're doing what you love, there's no place to rest. There's always more to do. The art work which will take the rest of your life to master, and all the marketing and promotion which is of course another entire lifetime.

Sometimes it's best just to get out of town and see new sights and sites. We're off on a road trip for ten days. Camera, yes, drawing, yes. Computer? NO!


Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

Good for you! Seeing new sights, resting, breathing and gathering more inspiration...ahhh sounds wonderful...when do I go?

Theresa Cheek said...

Your words are very true....being an artist is all that my brain is wired for....I love it, but wish sometimes for an hourly job that I could "turn off" after 5:00! Enjoy your time away and come back with new eyes to take on the world!