Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sculpture and Time

Far more difficult than making art is the art of making art about the art.

I've been thinking about it after reading Maria Killam's post "Is your blog ruining your business?" It's worth reading. Be sure to follow her links and read them and watch the video.

Damn, the last thing I need is more soul searching for my cosmic "WHY?" But I have been thinking about it.

My sculpture, while the subject matter is nature, is really about time. Time and mortality. I know that this will be a big hit with my marketing department. (That's me in a different hat.) "We're all gonna die? What is this crap? Bring me something I can USE to sell your sculpture!")

But it's true, in my sculpture, I'm trying to capture a moment, often a very quiet moment. Here's what I wrote last night, sitting in my car, listening to the rain.

Sculpture is Time’s Anchor

If you can,
slow down.
Pause long enough to become a sculpture yourself.

For sculpture is time’s anchor.
The rushing years are caught and held.
Moment after moment.

You’ll feel how much wetter the rain is
as a tear on your marble cheek.

The sun will move across the sky
heating your bronze body
till it radiates light and warmth
back out into the world.

You’ll know the heart of the carved dryad
longing for the tree she once was.

You are made from the same clay as the armies of the past. Could you wait a thousand years?

In a world moving faster and faster
sculpture matters.
There is still a thirst for eternity
and a great need for stillness.


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Introspection was very productive Patrick-- Beautiful poem that's taken my heart.