Monday, June 14, 2010

Sculpture and Immortality

There is such a thing as immortality.
But it helps if you were born divine.

How else to explain Nefertiti's beauty?

She's been beautiful for 3000 years.

 Her daughters look like beauties from the distant future, deep outer space goddesses.

For best pictures of her and her daughters, get the book "The Royal Women of Amarna"
by Dorothea Arnold.  The text is informative, but truth be told? I look at the sculpture.
I can spend an hour just looking at each photo.

There's so much change that's happened in the last 3000 years but this kind of beauty really is eternal.


dutchbaby said...

Thank you for sharing these stunning images. Nefertiti is divine for certain.

Tiina Susanna said...

Hello, to me Nefertiti has beenfairest of them all, and today Angelina Jolie looks bit like her.
Thanks to you that you showed these.