Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sculpture and Nelson Lau

Nelson Lau is an Australian based photographer. His website, Looking Glass Photography, has great  photos of the 5th annual Sculpture By The Sea exhibition at Cottesloe Beach,  Perth, in western Australia.

Be sure to see the sculpture of the giant watch  "lost" in the sand. Lau's  delightful photos of the sculpture are all the more amazing when you realize he's shooting in midday brilliant sunlight. To see more of Nelson Lau's photography click here.

(I'd show you more but was unable to transfer them. Above photo by Nelson Lau, used with the artist's permission.)

The sculptors and artwork are all unattributed, unfortunately, but some research on Sculpture By The Sea's website should remedy that.

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Carolyn Parker said...

Lifesavers are universal symbols of a good thing, especially like this.