Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sculpture and Ruth Moilliet

Half of the fun of blogging is discovering other artists, and then discovering the artists those artists are looking at. Stone Art blog's  Sunny Wieler, had a post on British artist Ruth Moilliet's botanically inspired sculpture.

Most of the art about flowers is by painters, in thrall to color. Sculptors see beyond color to see the beautiful forms and shapes of plants.

Ruth wrote me and said "I love studying nature and plant forms for my work.  Just moved onto studying pollination and co habitation as we seem to be loosing our bees in the UK at the moment thanks to the lack of wildflowers so always good to draw attention to issues."

Ruth Moilliet sculpture is so engaging because it has a child's sense of perspective and magic and a master's sense of proportion and craft. To view her website, click here

She sent this photo of her recent work called Pollination Sphere

All photos below are from Ms. Moilliet's website and used with the artist's permission.

Wildflowers Stainless steel, acrylic 30cm-2m

Passiflora, Stainless steel, 1.5m diameter

I'd have a hard time choosing between these next two sculptures.... Which of her work do you like?
Cardoon Parachutes, Stainless steel  w2m H1/5m

Eryngium , stainless steel, 1.5m diameter

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Stone Art said...

Hi Patrick, nice to see her new work, a fun piece indeed. Thanks for the links too.