Monday, September 13, 2010

Sculpture and the Garden

What do we mean when we say a plant is sculptural?

Do we mean its shape is easy to understand?
Euphorbia Obesa

Is it sculptural if it acts as metaphor and makes us think of something else?

Read about this Edifice Complex.

Is a plant sculptural if it has directly inspired sculpture?
photo credit

Medieval  Crosiers photos from the blog, Catholic Eye Candy
Can a plant be sculpture?


Theresa Cheek said...

yes, any plant that is "simple" in structure with defined planes lends itself to sculpture...simple organic shapes can translate easiest into sculptural forms. Just look at agave cactus.

Stone Art said...

Nice post!

Patrick Gracewood said...

Theresa, I'm making papercuts of Agave cactus so had to find other plants to feature here.
This is the official start of my book
about sculpture and the garden. Going to work out my thinking in bite sized pieces....

Bpaul said...

Going to be a dolt here and say, "can a plant NOT be sculptural?"

That's where my mind immediately went.


Ina Labuschagne (Art Creations Africa) said...

I like your post!