Monday, September 27, 2010

Sculpture and the Garden

"It is necessary to cultivate our garden." from Candide by Voltaire

 "Gardens are the most complex art and the most rewarding. Art, science and nature are all connected. Exposing people to nature is such an important thing." Kulapat Yantrasast

I'm not sure where I found that quote by Yantrasast. He believes that gardens make people better. The quote is a perfect beginning for an ongoing Shadows On Stone series,  Sculpture and the Garden, where I'll be writing and thinking about the complex arrangement we call a garden.

Guilt bronze turtle at Aspet, Saint Gaudens studio.

Pan sculpture above the pool,  near Saint Gauden's studio

Detail of Pan sculpture, guilt bronze.
I'd love your input. Any books you can suggest, any images that embody this complex art of inanimate and living objects, relationships, and time. Your thoughts on the Why of sculpture and the garden would be welcome.


Delphine said...

Magnifique !

Art Creations Africa said...

Sculptures are lovely in a garden. They go perfectly together. I would love to send you some pictures of stone sculptures in our garden.