Friday, September 17, 2010

Sculpture and Location

The Sun will soon revolve around the Earth.

Hold that thought. Now add this one.

A sculptor's job is not just to make objects but also to make people aware of their physical relationships in space. And time.

So you could say the function of a sculptor is like the function of a preposition,* to better articulate your awareness of the space you're in.

You + (at, to from, around, beside, above....) + object = spatial awareness. Hopefully an aesthetic experience.
 All these thoughts from the 9/13/2010 NY Times article, A Tech World that Centers on the User, by Nick Bilton. Bilton draws from his new book, I live In The Future And Here's How It Works to talk about how our ideas about geography and location are radically changing.

With the new technology, if you need directions while driving or walking, you can click the button that says "locate me".  A dot representing you will appear on screen and as you move, the maps will change and keep up with you.

That's completely different from trying to find yourself on a printed map. Remember the frustration of turning the map upside down or sideways if you changed direction or had to retrace your route?

Quoting the NY Times article: ...the best way to begin to understand the sweeping changes that the consumer of entertainment and information is now in the center. That center changes everything. It changes you sense of community. It changes the way you view the information, news and data coming directly
Now you are the starting point. Now the digital world follows you, not the other way around.

Like I said at the beginning. You, in your particular location on earth, are back, once again, at the center of the universe. And our spinning culture will have new/old perceptions of we articulate space.

(*Preposition : a function word that combines with a noun phrase to form a phrase which expresses a modification or predication. Webster, 10th edition)

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