Friday, December 16, 2011

Sculpture and Christmas Lights

This is not a Dan Flavin installation
We took a walk downtown to see the big Christmas tree in Pioneer Square. Watching the children jumping around gave me an idea. Everyone seemed to be moving, why not this photographer?

This may be my favorite of all of them.

Christmas swag.

Electric Coat Hangers

Neon City

This is what other folks saw....
Once you start moving and dancing the holidays, it's hard to stop! Hold the egg nog!


Theresa Cheek said...

WOW! Really!!!! It is like colorful kinetic energy! I must try this (and look dorky while I jump up and down!!) Merry Christmas Patrick!

MulchMaid said...

A lovely visualization of the Portland Christmas downtown scene. I like the energy of it!

David Bales Design said...

Love the use of a camera to extend our ways of seeing.

Plus, what a perfect way for a dancer to take pictures!

Sherrie Y said...

As if the images weren't striking enough, the mental image of you, dancing in the dark in celebration of the light...well... it's just perfect.