Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sculpture and Shadows

With the sun so low in the winter sky, it is the time of long shadows. David Bales investigates the perception of shadows. He's trying to see more of what our brain just lazily writes off as "Dark".
Maxfield Parrish blue shadows
David says, "Our eyes are so sensitive, if one really looks, it is easy to see what is actually there.
We are usually just too busy to bother."
Electric violet shadows
Documentation through photography adds another layer of obfuscation, as it is such an imperfect simulation of what our remarkably sensitive eyes can discern. With editing, you can recover the information hidden in the image, and expose the color in the shadow.
Green shadows in a green shade
Some of these photographs have been tweaked for saturation, but the raw color information is accurate, and in many cases, is not as pronounced as what one can actually see.
Shadows the color of the sky....
 To see more of David Bales photography click HERE, then click on the 8th gallery on his site.


Patty said...

Beautifully written. what a gorgeous remender of the subtle beauty everywhere - especially in the shadows.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Thank you, Patty. I see from your blog and paintings that you've been looking at "hidden" colors too.