Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sculpture and 2011

Alyson Stanfield at suggests taking stock of the year, focus on what got accomplished,
and congratulate yourself for everything.

 (Take her questions as suggestions.  There's a lot there you can use to plan for 2012)

In 2011,  I finished, molded and cast the St Francis relief and showed it at
The Association of Northwest Landscape Designers booth at Portland's Yard Garden and Patio Show.
 The Portland Spring Home and Garden Show in the Green Gold Landscape Design Studio booth
 Rare Plant Research and Hughes Water Gardens
 I also spoke to the monthly meetings of The Association of Northwest Landscape Designers and the Oregon Landscape Contractors Association about "Sculpture in the Garden".

Did I sell one? No, but not for lack of trying. I figure with this much "practice" I'll be ready in 2012.


Theresa Cheek said...

Portland doesn't know what they have! I proclaim 2012 the year of the artist!

Patrick Gracewood said...

Thank you, I'm going to modify that, Theresa, to 2012 is the year of THIS artist!