Monday, December 12, 2011

Sculpture and Niclaus Gerhaert

One thing has NOT changed in over 500 years. The cold.
I love the combination of computers and the latest high tech tool used by conservators who are bundled up many layers thick against the cold, just like the original Gothic artists must have been when they worked..

In the footsteps of Niclaus Gerhaert of Leyden.
The preservation of the high altar Nordlinger

Niclaus Gerhaert is one of the most important and influential artists of the late Gothic period, the late 15th Century. Gerhaert became famous because of the liveliness of his sculpture, their originality and virtuosic execution
70 beautiful like-like works give an overview of his life's work.

The film gives an insight into the extensive preparations for the upcoming exhibition "Niclaus Gerhaert. Sculptor of the Late Middle Ages "in the Liebieghaus sculpture collection and shows the expert, Dr. Stefan Roller, curator, and Harald Theiss, sculpture conservator in the study and preservation of the high altar figures the Nördlinger St. George's Church. St. George and St. Mary Magdalene to be presented from 27 October 2011 in Frankfurt.

"Niclaus Gerhaert. Sculptor of the Late Middle Ages "
27th October 2011 to 4th March 2012

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