Monday, May 28, 2012

Sculpture and Color

It feels so strange to vandalize your own work.

Painting the faux bronze patina on the Bouquet for the City triptych left me with cans of bright blue spay paint in two different shades, each color begging to be used again.
.................That's when I spotted the Nesting Birds relief sculpture.
Here is the finished carving in AAC.
 I'd tried an unsuccessful acid patina on it. The acid color was too dark and blotchy. I'd tried to bring it back with subtle spray paint in neutral colors. Everything I did made it worse.

 I love this carving, it's a two panel cartoon of love and springtime. But to other people it was monochromatic Blah and Bland. Not good. How do I get people to SEE it?

COLOR to the rescue! 
 It felt weird to blast the relief with bright blue spray paint. (Call it my Banksy phase.) Each color asked for the next color. Green, brown, black, ochre, even gold.
After a lifetime in search of and study of the subtle, I'm learning that subtle in my sculpture can be just too damn quiet for it's own good. Time for a shout or two of color!


Theresa Cheek said...'s nice to see the Banksy in you come out!!LOL! Sometimes, color is as important as the composition. I do love seeing just your work, the play of light and shadow on the caring, but every now and then a pop of color is a nice surprise!

Patrick Gracewood said...

Love to make you laugh, Theresa. And glad you understand that carving is about the high stakes game of light and shadow of form. Color is a total game changer.
When you add color to sculpture, it's as if I'm beginning to create it all over again...