Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sculpture and Franken-shrine 2

Context is everything.

In the studio, Franken-shrine was funny, but looked dirty, broken, and a little haunted.
Installed in the garden, across the path from the sculpture of the monk,  Still Thoughts,
the little shrine now has presence and meaning.

Playing with scale is an important aspect to garden design. The shrine looks as if it's set on the top of an enormous cliff, which is really the concrete pedestal. It's smallness evokes a mythic or mental journey to Japan or Tibet.
Originally I'd installed the shrine deeper into another bed. (above)

It looked ok here, but it was important to me to have it close enough to the path so that anyone might ring the bell. The sound is so clear in the garden's quiet, and adds another way for a visitor to participate in what makes a garden special.

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