Monday, May 14, 2012

Sculpture and Franken-shrine

It was dead and broken. 
But now, it's Alive! It's Alive!
It's FRANKEN-shrine!

Once upon a time, it was a perfect tiny Japanese cedar shrine.
A friend wanted to get rid of it, so it was packed carelessly for a two state road trip, the bag of parts has gone missing, and three dusty years on the to-do shelf left it a shadow of it's former self...

..........which made it easier to just play with it.

I used scrap cedar for the back wall, (Love those knot holes!), maple branches and my pin-nail gun to put it back together. A small Tibetan bell hangs in the center bay.

It will be great in the garden on the path to Still Thoughts,
and ready for Saturday's Open Studio and Garden

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Theresa Cheek said...

I love your mind! This is fantastic!