Monday, October 1, 2012

Sculpture and Blogging

The unexpected benefits of Blogging.....
To share anything with you, I must document and photograph my work and process.
That's #1 Benefit.  Documentation helps me think things through.
Is it clear? Is it interesting? What does it offer to you, the reader?
Talking about your art concisely only works if you've thought long and hard about your art.
I'm making a presentation of my sculpture proposal to the TriMet Committee.
That means packing my models and related artwork efficiently for safe transport and quick display once I'm there.
I practice packing and unpacking. That means I know my material and have it all in order. Nothing left behind, and I know the important things to discuss. Benefit #2.

In making a presentation, assume nothing. The protective box becomes pedestal. (Turns out there was no table space.)

Here's everything unpacked: images of my model and background research images are taped to box.

2nd generation model is on top of the box.

3rd model, a 3D sketch is on the floor, with 4th model of shelter with design sketch of laser cut leaves for metal shelter.

Example of paper cut pattern of crow feathers on easel at far right.

Nice to discover that blogging has calming, real life benefits.

Dry runs are much better than the dry heaves of nervousness.....

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