Monday, October 15, 2012

Sculpture and Drawing

"Mama, don't let your daughters grow up to be cowboys." .............. Or artists.

Being a professional artist has been hard work. No lasting success and little financial reward after a lifetime's work. I have no regrets, but would not wish it on anyone young.

And yet.......
The little one's drawing of Butterfield's Dance Horse.
And yet, I want her to know how to draw.
It is a skill she can use throughout her life, whatever she becomes, where ever she goes. So we've begun drawing together. She now has her own drawing notebook from Ex Libris Anonymous

I chose the Deborah Butterfield sculpture, Dance Horse, at the Portland Art Museum. It is simultaneously recognizable and very abstract. It's also by a successful woman artist.
Never too early for positive role models!

We gave it ten minutes. as the museum was closing and she is a giddy nine year old.

Not bad for the first round. Mostly, I just countered her negative talk of "oh i made a mistake" by encouraging her to keep her pen moving and draw only what she sees.

Using a ballpoint pen instead of pencil trains for decisive lines instead of allowing soul killing erasing. She never noticed. ..... Good.
My drawing.

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