Monday, October 8, 2012

Sculpture and Paris

(I'll be posting images and experiences of our recent trip to Paris. We're back home, normal life resumed. Sigh..
"Oh Rrrrick, we'll always haaaaave Parrris.")

Paris isn't full of sculpture.  
Paris IS sculpture.

People think of sculpture as a static object. Sculpture is much more dynamic than that.
Sculpture influences the space and movement around it because it inhabits space..
You perceive and move in relationship to both the object and the space.
Two steps in any direction, everything changes.

Here is the stairwell to our 17th Century rented apartment on the left bank.
5 floors up, no fun with luggage.
The space and experience was so beautiful. It was like being inside a shell.

Every step slightly different, each worn unevenly over time. None were flat.
The bannister was smooth walnut, polished by hands using it daily.
Do you have a favorite set of stairs?


kara rane said...

beautiful* ~dreaming of the lives that have ascended & descended this masterpiece~

Patrick Gracewood said...

I felt the comparison of Notre Dame with my iphone. Two very different cultures.
that's the awareness I had of almost everything in Paris...of the weight, and time, and all the lives that have passed. The flip side is to return home to the west coast and know how young we are as a culture. So many options.

Mark Downing said...

This is why they are called a "flight of stairs". They might as well be called a "harmony of stairs"