Monday, November 19, 2012

Sculpture and Models

Paper is inexpensive, perfect for designing the shelter for my carving on TriMet's Trolley Trail.

The concept has changed from barn-like, that overwhelmed the art and was too dark. 
The new direction, is more origami.The shelter is now both House and Tree. 

The metal will be bent to give dimension and make the structure stronger. 
Fabricated from only two sheets of metal, the folds relate to the sheet-stock nature of metal and the angles of man made buildings.

Then the cuts tell a different story! 
One of organic shapes, nature, trees and growth. 
The openness allows light in to cast lovely passing shadows on pavement and art.
Paper model by Patrick Gracewood. ©2012
It's brown card stock that I've colored with a sienna chalk to simulate CorTen steel.
Suggest, and then get out of the way! Here's the magic: 
Light transform this from an object into an environment.

Paper model by Patrick Gracewood. ©2012
 I love how the model looks like something out of early Disney. 
Not the mouse, but the magic of illustrators like Eyvind Earle.


Sherrie York said...

OOOH! That's magical, alright. Can't wait to see it in steel. I'm excited to be contributing to a shapes-in-steel project myself. I just drew the shapes, someone else will accomplish the design, but the finished product will be a covering for an entire walkway! Crazy. Now I want such things in my own spaces.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Sherrie, be sure to get photos of your designs when it is sunny, the shadows will be amazing!